Character sheet

I have added a hand draw character sheet as downloadable file. 

Note that I have modified on the sheet the stability that holding your phone provide (from d2 to d4-1)


Liminal_Highschool_v1a.pdf 5 MB
Oct 29, 2022
Liminal Student Sheet 3 MB
Nov 15, 2022

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Are there any adventures written specifically for High School LH yet, or suitable for such characters? 

The one I am writing for Tales from the Void is designed to be played by high school students. I think Tales from the Void will be published in February or March.

Check my Dark Fairy Godmother, she is a good monster for LH Highschool, I am planning to publish more scenarios eventually. 

Thanks Evlyn!  I have backed Tales from the Void so I will look forward to seeing that.  I will check out the Dark Fairy Godmother, too.  My players are interesting in testing out high schoolers after their experiences playing The Mall (but we started too late to generate teens).  

Oh yes, that would have been a good match. :) 

Thanks for the comments Kamingusu, it help me to want to expand on Liminal High School. :)