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These equipment tables are designed for the roleplaying game Macchiato Monsters, and are inspired by post-human science-fiction settings; like the comic Prophet or the manga Blame! I wrote these tables with the idea of using them for outfitting post-human scavengers attempting to survive in the ruins of an orbital mega-structure. (The PDF contain 12 pages of equipment) 

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Updated the file with a few fixed typo.
Also due to your encouragements here, I am now working on a Macchiato Monsters book that will give you all the tools require to generate and explore a orbital megastructure. :)


Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. I have more ideas and projects that I hope I will be able to finish. But I have a real hard time being creative or productive these days so I am working even slower than usual. But I am still trying to draw everyday. <3

Time to give Micromaiden Spirit Grid some love, y'all!


I knew I recognized your art from somewhere! I have your Fabulous Pocket Guild and Wizard's Inheritance cards! This looks fantastic and perfect for my Numenera campaign, I'll definitely be following your work on itch.io now :)

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Hmm, Posthuman Pocket Association anyone?

What about Pocillo Posthuman Agency?

BTW, if you want to make NPCs weirder in Numenera or even your PCs if you dare, Evlyn's got your back!


Incredible art, awesome sets of tables -truly stellar gameable lore, an excellent example of how to do setting writing via Macchiato Monsters chargen tables!

I know right!

I hope to see a series of zines or zini from Evlyn building off this.

I feel like there's a real niche here for their unique combo of art, writing and worldbuilding.

Apparently, they have some notes on megastructure crawling!!!


Apparently, they have some notes on megastructure crawling!!!


I had no idea that was there!

Well spotted/searched!



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Currently outlining a Tri-Dimensional Planebox Megacrawlathon Sandhexamagig with added Pocket Dimensions as a result of this!  

Watch out for the shapeshifting Time Guardian, you won't like them when they're angry!

10 lost sci-fi items you might find while megastructure crawling.  

Has that Prophet feel for me but YMMV.


This is so cool, I'm planning on checking out Macchiato Monsters now.


I've pulled out my print copy of Macchiato Monsters because of this.


An amazing little zine with amazing artwork from an amazing artist/author. 

Love your work!

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I'm not gonna lie, as soon as I saw this on the itch.io front page it was an insta-buy!

The creator, subject matter and ruleset in that order were the reasons why.

Moar Pocillo Posthumans plz!