Fixed version

I have rewritten the corrupted clerics and their cursed coins to avoid them being readable as an antisemitic trope. 
The fix is:

  • Removed the word "cabal" (already done in the previous update)
  • The main villain is now the son of the Emperor featured in the Battlefield Wickerman location. 
  • He is a rich brat that corrupted his clerics to gain power, his goal is to become Emperor like his father.
  • The cursed coins are now coins stolen from the Ferryman of the Dead.
  • I replaced the cleric illustration with an "cult of the Emperor" one. 

That was a bit stressful to handle but I am glad that I reworked the antagonist and the lore.

Thanks everyone for your patience with this.



TheGreatAllHallowsEveProcession-V2.pdf 3 MB
Mar 03, 2023

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