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A fully illustrated 11p adventure designed for Old School Essential.

The characters join a magical procession of ghouls and ghosts that dances through the underworld, celebrating in strange locations before joining the Dark Mother at the Great Hollow Tree. 

It feature multiple random tables, encounters, locations and strange creatures. 

Include 6 replacement characters with illustrated character sheets.

Playable as a one-shot or in a few sessions. 

CategoryPhysical game
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TagsHalloween, old-school, ose, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game, whimsical


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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TheGreatAllHallowsEveProcession-V2.pdf 3 MB
Ghoulies Replacement Characters.pdf 1 MB

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Hi BohemiaSpielkunst,

I recently asked people on Mastodon what I should translate next (I'm a freelance translator specializing in RP books), and this gem came up. Would you be interested in having The Great All Hallows' Eve Procession translated to German? If you would like, we can iron out details via email, just let me know :)

I run “The Great All Hallows' Eve Procession” yesterday at the SagaCon in Osnabrück. What a pleasure! While players don’t have much choice where to go, since they are part of a procession, there is are plenty of things to do and see. The random elements make the adventure fun to run, while the clear structure offers support for the GM. I highly recommend this piece for one or few shots. Bonus: the structure of the adventure makes it very easy to fit the game into a predefined time slot.

To generate ghoulies: https://perchance.org/halloween-ghoulies


I uploaded an updated version. 

Thanks so much! 


Found a bunch of typos now, I uploaded a new new version. Oh my.

This is one of the most joyous and gloriously odd adventures I have ever laid eyes on!

From the premise, the wonderful art of the precession (which geniusly doubles as the linear point crawl and gameplay loop), NPCs and creatures so full of life (and undeath) to the encounters, locations, disruptions (and a whole bunch of other awesome tables), and differing endings with their own rewards and seeds, this pulls of the heady combo of being an absolute work of art and a bloody good time!

While statted for OSE, it could work with all manner of TTRPGs for a spooky one shot or a more protected plane-hopping playthrough! 

I love it and will endeavour to either return with the indepth review it deserves and/ or a write up of my running and/ or playing! (It really is one of those adventures you read and then have to play as soon as humanly possible!) 


I cannot adequately praise this adorably macabre OSR adventure populated by the Adams Family's friends and grafted to the sensibilities of Elfman and Burton.