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is the final version still coming anytime soon

My plan is to try to finish it as I finish the Tales from the Void pamphlet adventure. 

What a great adventure!

Used the second draft to run this with one player and me GM'ing, and it was great! Every character is so fleshed out it was so easy for me to prep the game, and to find any additional information my player wanted to know that i missed.

Loved the art style as it was the main reason why  i got this !


The Potato King is fully financed! Thanks everyone! I am looking forward writing a proper playable version. :)

Making good progress! Thanks everyone, we can do it. :) :)


50% funded! I will try to write a second draft this weekend. :)


This looks amazing! I'm ordering a copy now, and here's to meeting the funding goals!


Excited to finally see this come to fruition after seeing the hints to its existence!

If you end up falling short of funding goals (however unlikely), I’d be more than happy to do layout free of charge, if you have no interest in doing it yourself. Goblin Archives and I are teaming up for the next “official” Liminal Horror adventure, so I’m already buried in that mindset. 


This sounds so totally up my alley! What a wonderfully weird premise (and great art)! Backed and boosted on social media!

I guess I should finally buy Liminal Horror too!


I hope to update the draft around February 9 to make it more playable.